Nobody likes to look in the mirror and be confronted with signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging jowls, diminished lips, and under eye hollows. Fortunately, facial fillers make it possible to turn back the clock for a natural, refreshed appearance.

Here at the Ventura Institute for Dermatologic Arts in Ventura and Camarillo, California, Dr. Peter Karlsberg and Michele Ayans, his physician’s assistant, combine innovative protocols with their extensive experience for a special mix of science and art. Whether it’s treatment for skin cancer or one of their many rejuvenation options like facial fillers, they provide high-quality care to help individuals meet their desired goals.

Facial fillers

Aging causes a number of changes to the body, including decreased production of collagen. Without this protein that helps our skin stay full and plump, it loses volume and leads to such issues as wrinkles, sagging skin, and more.

There are a number of different types of FDA-approved facial fillers. They are made from different substances, including hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, poly-L-lactic acid, and others.

Benefits of facial fillers

Aging can strike all areas of the face and have a significant impact on a person’s appearance. Facial fillers can help improve a variety of these and other imperfections.


Cheeks can become hollow, cheekbones recede, and jowls can sag over time.These conditions can give a less appealing, often out of shape or bottom heavy appearance.   Facial fillers can help restore volume to the cheeks and create a more lifted appearance.  Reducing jowl fat with microliposuction or Kybella injections, and augmenting the chin with fillers when underdeveloped, can further enhance facial contours.

Under eye hollows

As we age, the upper cheek fat pad below the eye deflates and drops, leaving under eye hollows which create a tired appearance.  Fillers can be used to improve this problem.

Nasolabial folds

Lines around the nose and mouth can become more pronounced as time passes. Treatment with a facial filler can help restore smoother skin.


The lip area undergoes several changes with aging, including thinning of the lips and an increase in vertical lip lines. Facial fillers can not only plump up the lips, but can also decrease  lip lines. There is a great deal of skill, and an understanding of individual differences, required to achieve natural-appearing fuller lips with fillers.  Dr. Karlsberg and Michele Ayans are both experts in rejuvenating lips.


Some people have an under-developed or receding chin.  Adding volume to the chin can improve facial contours, create a longer jawline, and an overall improved facial contour.

Facial symmetry

No one has a completely symmetrical face, but asymmetry can be more noticeable in some people. The use of facial fillers can help restore a better balance.


Treatment begins with an initial consultation to discuss an individual’s goals and medical history. A personalized plan is created and the specific type of filler is determined. The procedure itself is non-surgical and typically takes less than an hour with no downtime required afterward. Results can last for a year or longer.

Microcannulas: safety and comfort, with less risk of bruising

Dr Karlsberg and Michele are experts in the use of microcannulas to inject facial fillers.  These can be used to minimize discomfort, minimize bruising and increase the safety of injections.  This “needle-free” approach to fillers has many advantages, and in some cases is the best and safest technique.

Whether you’re seeking a more lifted, youthful face, fewer wrinkles or a more symmetrical appearance, facial fillers can help. Call us today at (805) 677-1600 to learn more.

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