Steve N.
Submitted 05/14/22
The best, as usual. This place is awesome

Roger C.
Submitted 05/10/22
May wound from a cancer excision healed amazingly fast with no pain or infection. After two weeks it looked really natural and hardly noticeable. You do good work with a cheerful stair side manner.

Claire A.
Submitted 05/08/22
Friendly and professional

Reg W.
Submitted 05/06/22
Quick and easy!

Sheila M.
Submitted 05/03/22
Everything went great!

Sara W.
Submitted 05/29/21
A necessary surgery was fast efficient and handled in a caring manner. Thank you Dr. K. And staff for another Successful procedure.

Nancy L.
Submitted 12/16/20
I always appreciate Dr. Karlsberg’s kindness and compassion in the way he listens to my concerns and figures out the least invasive way to get me to my intended results. I greatly appreciate the care I have received from Dr. Karlsberg!

Thomas K.
Submitted 12/16/20
Dr. Karlsberg explained the procedure prior to beginning, and answered all questions professionally.

Janette W.
Submitted 12/16/20
She always has me leaving feeling happy. I have been a patient there for too many years to count. Never disappointed

Lorraine B.
Submitted 12/16/20
Office very clean and comfortable. Staff helpful.

Judith P.
Submitted 12/16/20
Dr. Karlsberg is very thorough and a good listener.

Dan B.
Submitted 12/15/20
Excellent care! Very personable and and attentive to details. Highly recommend.

Susan F.
Submitted 12/15/20
Everyone is so friendly. Dr. Karlsberg is awesome!

Ryan M.
Submitted 12/13/20
Always very professional. I appreciate her expertise!

Tom S.
Submitted 12/10/20

Rosemarie L.
Submitted 12/03/20
Always professional

Dennis J.
Submitted 11/25/20
Very caring and thoughtful professional staff!

Ryan D.
Submitted 11/24/20
I was in and out. Dr. Karlsburg and his staff are very friendly.

Allison K.
Submitted 11/13/20
Amazing care!

Walt K.
Submitted 11/12/20
I’m a 76 year old outdoors-man paying the price for a lifetime of sun exposure. After reading the social media reviews of the dermatologist I have been using for years, I realized I was not the only one who felt the exams were vert cursory. One reviewer mentioned he had moved to Dr. Karlsberg and was impressed with his thoroughness. Several other reviews were also very positive. My appointment with Dr. Karlsberg could not have gone better. The staff and Dr. Karlsberg were exceptional in every respect. I experienced the most thorough examination I have had in years. Dr. Karlsberg removed several pre-cancers from several places on my face and body and took a biopsy revealing a skin cancer requiring future mohs surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Karlsberg as a dermatologist and have every expectation of seeing him on a regular basis.

Sharon V.
Submitted 11/08/20
Good for 20 years

Dean M.
Submitted 11/07/20
Dr. Karlsberg is one of the most professional and attentive physician’s I’ve ever encountered. He listens so he can better address the needs of his patients. Very impressive.

Patricia B.
Submitted 11/07/20
The office is run very professionally during this COVID-19 time. Dr. Karlsberg was attentive, informative, and solved my skin issues.

Christine C.
Submitted 11/07/20
Michelle is very attentive and thorough. She’s definitely top-notch!

Jeanette S.
Submitted 11/06/20
Michelle is informative, friendly, & knowledgeable in her field of specialty. She has cared for my family for over 7 years & cares about her patients. Highly recommend Michelle!

Robert R.
Submitted 11/05/20
very satisfied as always.

Sebastian H.
Submitted 11/04/20
I had a very good experience with my treatment. The Office Staff and the Doctor himself were very professional and kind. They took there time and I felt taken care off. I definitely will come back.

Donna F.
Submitted 11/04/20
Doctor Karlsberg and staff are always helpful and considerate. I feel special and cared for. Felt safe.

Michele G.
Submitted 11/04/20
My visits with Dr. Karlsberg, Md have been excellent. Dr. Karlsberg has a very kind and professional manner. He is very thorough in his diagnosis and treatment and takes time to answer questions. His entire staff are all very nice and helpful. The office is organized, clean and appealing. I am grateful to receive such excellent care. Michele Gagnon-Bartsch

Robert S.
Submitted 11/03/20
I am a longtime patient of Dr Karlsberg and he has done a very good job of taking care of my very fair skin that has seen way too much sun in the past. In fact, perhaps the main reason I have kept my health plan is because he is a PPO on it.

Maureen H.
Submitted 11/03/20
Dr K is warm and personable- I trust him and his staff.

Christine S.
Submitted 09/07/20
I had a suspicious area on my scalp which I suspected might be cancerous. Dr. Karlberg is excellent at diagnosing suspicious areas and treating them. He took a needle biopsy which showed precancerous and it was frozen all in less than three days. Surroundings immaculate. Great distancing between clients. No crowding in waiting room. His staff both front office and back are always welcoming and very professional. My husband and I have both used Dr. Karlsberg exclusively for skin care for over 25 years. We highly recommend him.

Laurie A.
Submitted 09/05/20
Dr. Karlsberg is always personable while highly professional. He and his staff always put me at ease with their friendliness while yet paying attention to the medical detail. He has a good eye and soft touch. While I started going to his office for skin monitoring related to sun exposure, as I’ve gotten older I have inquired about other procedures. He assures me my skin looks good and does not push the cosmetic services. Over the years I’ve had a few different dermatologists and Dr. Karlsberg is the all-around best!

Stephanie P.
Submitted 09/05/20
Dr Karlsberg is the best!! Thank you for your excellent care! Office staff is warm and wonderful, too! ❤️❤️❤️

James C.
Submitted 09/01/20
Caring and through.

Carol P.
Submitted 08/29/20
Dr Karlsberg is patient, caring and so in tune to his patients. His expertise, knowledge and techniques are superior.

Mariah I.
Submitted 08/24/20
I highly recommend Dr Karlsberg. He is down to earth and very friendly. Although I know he is a busy man, he never seems to be rushing me out the door.

Mary G.
Submitted 08/22/20
Dr Karlsburg and his staff are so personable, accomodating and professional. I live out of town but I am choosing this doctor as my dermatologist.

Marjorie P.
Submitted 08/21/20
The doctor was delightful, professional and easy to relate to. I highly recommend him.

‘Hank’ Henry E.
Submitted 08/21/20
very professional

Karen S.
Submitted 08/20/20
Very professional and thorough!

Joseph D.
Submitted 08/16/20
I always feel I get the best from Dr Karlsberg.

Jane P.
Submitted 08/15/20
Very professional and pleasant interaction.

Ira M.
Submitted 08/15/20
Professional care & treatment; helpful staff

Elizabeth J.
Submitted 08/13/20
Always a pleasure to see Ms Ayans. She is concerned, knowledgeable, and responsive.

Norman P.
Submitted 08/11/20
Excellent Doctor and staff!

Connie A.
Submitted 08/11/20
Dr is great! Always sympathetic to your concerns, doesn’t rush to get you out the door, explains well, most of all a very good diagnostician and treatment specialist.

Alison G.
Submitted 08/10/20
Always good! Dr. Karlsberg takes the time to listen, never makes me feel rushed, explains things well, doesn’t talk down to his patients, and is very capable at what he does.

Cathy D.
Submitted 08/07/20
Dr. Karlsberg is an outstanding doctor in every way. He’s highly qualified and compassionate and compassionate as well! What a wonderful doctor!!! Thanks so much!!

Nellie R.
Submitted 08/05/20
Michell and Dr. k always go above and beyond the call of duty!!! I love to see the same team staff, to me that speaks volumes on how the staff is being taken care of and of course how the staff feels about their patients. it’s always pleasant to going into the office I get spoiled every time by Anthony with my warm cup of coffee, and Claudias beautiful welcoming smile and of course I can’t leave the front office team behind…… Angie Amber and Gracie are always on top of their game…insurance, medical history, finances, I could go on! It’s truly one of the best offices in all Ventura county.

Lynda M.
Submitted 08/05/20
It was fine. Problem skin patches on back of left hand and on nose healed up fine. Very glad to get them taken care of. Thank you.

Hugh H.
Submitted 08/04/20
Great doctor with great hands. Three small surgeries on my ears and neck and not a scar in sight. Great staff. Short wait time.

Don E.
Submitted 08/04/20
The Doctor and staff do a great job ! Very Happy we went to them .

Lucille Welborn W.
Submitted 07/26/20
Dr. Karlsberg is the best, I have always been satisfied! Lucille Welborn

Sharlene W.
Submitted 07/23/20
Really appreciate Dr. Karlsberg’s warm and reassuring bedside manner as well as his knowledge in his field.

Cynthia F.
Submitted 07/12/20
I have been a patient at Dr Karlsbergs practice for 20+ years. Always receive the best care in a friendly, professional atmosphere Our whole family looks forward to many more years of care!! He’s the best, as is his office staff!!

Susan F.
Submitted 07/11/20
During this pandemic, I felt safe having my procedure and there was little wait! Great experience!

Richard L.
Submitted 07/10/20
Very little waiting time, all questions answered clearly and thoroughly, procedure went smoothly and painlessly, Dr Karlsberg and all staff were courteous, friendly and accommodating, couldn’t wish for better medical care. I’d highly recommend VIDA for any and all dermatological needs.

Veronique P.
Submitted 07/10/20
Beyond being a great Doctor, Dr. Karlsberg is also a great humain being, no ego there but kindness and generosity. The front desk staff is welcoming and personable. First rate care all around.

Steven N.
Submitted 07/10/20
This place is a complete breath of fresh air after working with my previous dermatologist. My first visit with Michele was great. She found a nasty looking mole on my chest and they handled it immediately. Dr Karlsberg is super friendly and easy to work with and took out the mole quickly but thoroughly. He got it all in the first pass. My skin is riddled with basal cell and likely other stuff but I feel that I’m in good hands with this crew of professionals moving forward.

Bailey G.
Submitted 07/09/20
Dr. Karlsberg has great bedside manner. He is very through and listens & takes his time. Best of all his great personality.

Graciela J.
Submitted 07/05/20
Always very professional. No waiting time and service is first class.

Krista W.
Submitted 07/04/20
A safe visit, very short wait time, and Michele was thorough with my exam and addressed all my questions satisfactorily.

Colleen S.
Submitted 07/03/20
Professional, courteous and I’m confident Dr Karlsberg’s experience. I would recommend him to feiends & family.

Geoffrey S.
Submitted 07/03/20
Excellent office staff. Top level medical care. Thorough Covid 19 procedures.

Shelley Z.
Submitted 07/03/20
Michele is so personable that she takes one’s mind off of the procedures.

Phil S.
Submitted 07/03/20
Dr. Karlsberg is the best doctor on the planet. He sets a high bar for other doctors.

Roberta B.
Submitted 06/30/20
Michele is always friendly and professional. I trust her input and skills. I always look forward to my visits to see her.

Judy W.
Submitted 06/29/20
Been with Dr. Karlsberg for 20 years, still going there. I have confidence with his service and professional manner.

Kyle K.
Submitted 06/28/20
Very professional, attention to detail and a beautiful office, very spa feeling.

Lauren M.
Submitted 06/24/20
Michele was very helpful and kind.

Ryan M.
Submitted 06/19/20
Always wonderful, thoughtful care. Thank you!

Roberta C.
Submitted 06/19/20
Michelle is professional and thorough. She listens and is a pleasure to visit. Would highly recommend her.

Paula M.
Submitted 06/19/20
Everyone at the front desk (Angie) is always so welcoming and helpful. The wait is never long and Dr. Karlsberg is gentle and thorough.

Shannon V.
Submitted 06/19/20
Very professional, team was friendly and helpful!

Thomas S.
Submitted 06/18/20
Always excellent

Denise M.
Submitted 06/18/20
Dr. KARLSBERG is the best!! He is very knowledgeable, kind, understanding and thorough. I have been seeing him for varied needs for years and couldn’t be happier with his expertise and results.

Duane G.
Submitted 05/06/20
Outstanding service

Rebecca T.
Submitted 05/06/20
Excellent experience. Thank you for the great experience.

Georgia N.
Submitted 05/05/20
Going to my doctor appointments in the last five years at Dr. Karlsberg’s dermatology office has always made me feel at ease and welcome, because of his awesome personality, expertise and knowledge, and proficiency in dermatology. Plus his wonderful sense of humor. I can count on his staff to always be courteous, friendly, welcoming, and helpful.

Mindy G.
Submitted 04/16/20
Dr Karlsberg and his staff are very nice !

Earl C.
Submitted 04/16/20
Had some surgery on the the back of neck. Dr Karlsberg explained what he was doing throughout the procedure and the after care needed. He’s very professional and everything went great.

Patricia (Trisha) C.
Submitted 03/14/20
Michele is incredibly professional and thorough in her appointments. She took my fear of the unknown and put me at ease with her biopsy procedures. I’ve referred her to so many people who are looking for a really good dermatologist office. Michele is truly the best!

Submitted 03/14/20
Dr. Karlsberg and his staff are courteous, empathetic, and professional. I have been a patient for many years, and believe me — the doctor knows his stuff!

Darryl E.
Submitted 03/11/20
I have been a patient of Dr. Peter Karlsberg for many years and have always been very pleased with his practice.

Ann B.
Submitted 03/11/20
No long wait.

Barbara Q.
Submitted 03/11/20
My wife, Barbara is legally blind and now has “low vision”. She told me that Dr. Karlsberg was an excellent doctor. Tom Quigan

Laura C.
Submitted 03/06/20
I went in for a dark spot I have had for years. Tried everything to get rid of it, but nothing worked. Dr. Karlsberg did a peel. It went away after 10 days! I am so excited. He is awesome, and the staff is very friendly.

Richard N.
Submitted 03/06/20
Very well satisfied. I would highly recommend Dr. Karlsberg.

Dan P.
Submitted 03/05/20
Very professional office from the front desk personnel to the doctor and his assistants.

Jeannine D.
Submitted 03/01/20
Peter Karlsberg is the best dermatologist. He also has a friendly supportive staff.

Submitted 02/29/20

Grant O.
Submitted 02/29/20
I was pleased with the care I received..

John B.
Submitted 02/29/20
Not everything in life is as good as it can be, but my appointment and treatment was. Beautiful, calming office, friendly and happy staff, and skilled, caring, and brilliant doctor. I could not be more pleased. More than professional, the entire place is like a happy home.

Renee N.
Submitted 02/25/20
Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I will return, best experience at a Dermatologist’s office. Office staff were very helpful as well. Would highly recommend.

Denise M.
Submitted 02/19/20
Dr Karlsberg is awesome!!! He is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, caring and informative. I have been seeing him for well over a decade and couldn’t be happier!! His staff have also been wonderful!

Krista W.
Submitted 02/14/20
Michele is thorough and professional. I feel well taken care of with her.

Judy W.
Submitted 02/13/20
Office personnel polite and professional. Michele Ayans was professional and personable. I have been going to Dr. Karlsberg office for treatments for 15 years.

Dwight H.
Submitted 02/11/20
I had an appointment with Michele to assess a number of moles on my back and chest. She performed a biopsy on one mole and the procedure was very efficient and painless. The lab results were returned in record time and the office staff notified me immediately. Michele’s professional approach and warm personality were top drawer and I would recommend her to everyone, including family and closest friends!

Bob R.
Submitted 02/09/20
Always very happy with Michele and,as they say, I gave my feedback at the office.

Charles M.
Submitted 02/08/20
Michelle provided the appropriate medications. I promptly recovered. Thanks.

Virginia R.
Submitted 02/08/20
Thoughtful staff and attentive doctor.

Jen S.
Submitted 02/08/20
I put my complete trust in Dr. Karlsberg’s opinion and abilities. He has an excellent eye for aesthetics and made me look years younger with little to no pain or discomfort.

Kimberly F.
Submitted 02/04/20
I met Dr Karlsberg after having a few ‘spots’ removed. He, along with his staff, made me feel so at ease, I never would have imagined such an easy and comfortable experience. He is so down to earth and personable… a real find. Sadly his office just informed me he no longer treats alopecia which took me by surprise, so ill need to find another Dr for treatment. But only for the alopecia. All other needs I wouldn’t think of trading him.

Nadine C.
Submitted 02/03/20
Michele is very professional and thorough with her exam

Christine W.
Submitted 01/31/20
Michelle is always friendly, skilled, and caring! I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks!

Donna E.
Submitted 01/30/20
Very thorough, and informative. Michelle has a great personality she makes you feel comfortable.

Rachel H.
Submitted 01/26/20

Catherinr H.
Submitted 01/24/20
Great!!! Everyone is very nice and I received undivided attention as always. Dr. Karlsberg is very thorough.

Marie B.
Submitted 01/24/20
Very satisfied with treatment.

Russell D.
Submitted 01/23/20
The visit was excellent. The marks from the procedure are more obvious and they taking longer to heal than I expected, but they are fading each day.

Sally R.
Submitted 01/23/20
Dr. Karlsberg is a great doctor and very nice.

Dale D.
Submitted 01/15/20
Michelle is always friendly and helpful. She listens to what I want done and has good recommendations.

Dana B.
Submitted 01/15/20
I’ve seen Michelle for almost 10 years. She is always attentive, informative and very helpful.

Sheila M.
Submitted 01/15/20
As always, Michele was thorough & professional. She answered my questions & made recommendations.

Paul W.
Submitted 01/14/20
Outstanding patient care. Very thorough exam, and all of my concerns were explained completely.

Vivian L.
Submitted 01/14/20
Everything went fine. Waiting time was minimal. Dr. came into the room shortly. Answered questions I had. Will come back.

Kimberly K.
Submitted 01/14/20
I have been a satisfied patient of Dr. Karlsberg for over 15 years. I am willing to travel from the Bay Area, where I relocated to in 2018, to receive regular checkups and any treatments necessary. I can’t recommend him and his staff any higher!

Mary S.
Submitted 01/10/20
Saw Doctor Karlsberg today and felt compelled to write a review ( never have for a Doctor before ) because of the excellent treatment I received. I went in for filler and Dr . Karlsberg took the time to explain every step he was taking and I could tell the work he was doing was important to him in making sure I was happy with the results . He made me feel very welcomed and thanked me for putting my trust in his work . I am thrilled with the results and who he is as a physician. I will never go anywhere else .

Elizabeth H.
Submitted 01/09/20
Michelle always takes time to explain her findings and procedures, and makes helpful recommendations.

Ryan M.
Submitted 01/07/20
I have always had the best care!

Susan C.
Submitted 12/29/19
I love Dr. Karlsberg’s work. He is not only kind, knowledgeable, experienced, he is an artist. I drive from Santa Barbara to Ventura for botox, filler, etc. because I trust him when I ask and he tells me what I need. His staff is as friendly and accommodating as he is. Thank you Dr. K!

William B.
Submitted 12/24/19
Was very thorough and explains things well. Very personable.

Cindy G.
Submitted 12/24/19
Dr. Karlsberg is the ultimate professional and always does exactly what is needed with expertise. I always look so much better.

Gary G.
Submitted 12/24/19
Only the best things to say about Dr. K and crew! Not even sure how many years I’ve been under his care, but I happily give my highest recommendation! Each experience has been personal, professional and fruitful. Thanks, Doc!

Alex K.
Submitted 12/24/19
The appointment was quick and easy.

Roberta C.
Submitted 12/24/19
Dr. Karlsberg is a true professional…trustworthy…accurate diagnostician…non alarmist but appropriate. He has a friendly disposition and I always feel like I am in safe hands when treated by him. My husband feels the same. We are grateful to him.

Ellyn D.
Submitted 12/20/19
its always a great experience here. all the staff are so professional!

Marion M.
Submitted 12/19/19
Everyone is great here! Friendly, professional and helpful.

Alan W.
Submitted 12/18/19
Michele is always very calm and cool and takes the time to educate and explain things

Jackie Q.
Submitted 12/17/19
As usual, Michelle was very through in her examination of me. I’ve always been pleased seeing her.

Donald B.
Submitted 12/17/19
Dr. Karlsberg was thorough and was able to answer our questions regarding skin conditions.

Jon W.
Submitted 12/17/19
My wife and I have been under Michele’s fantastic care for several years. Michele is super competent, caring, and thorough.

Dale D.
Submitted 12/16/19
As always the front office staff and Anthony are very nice and friendly. I always enjoy visiting with Michele! She listens well to what I’m looking for in a treatment and is very patient with me. Lol I appreciate her knowledge and care.

William D.
Submitted 12/15/19
The whole staff at Ventura Institute of Dermatologic Arts are truly one of a kind. Every visit is so positive and pain free; and the results are always predictable and so appreciated. Thank you so much!

Mary C.
Submitted 12/15/19
Dr Karlsberg is very gentle and his staff is tops!

Nancy M.
Submitted 12/15/19
Dr. Karlsberg is a wonderful doctor!! He explains everything before every procedure and I trust him completely. So glad we found him since moving here from Los Angeles. Michelle is great too!!

Gary B.
Submitted 12/14/19
Always first rate. Friendly, helpful, and–in my case–life-saving!

Anne A.
Submitted 12/11/19
As usual Michelle was professional, knowledgeable and very pleasant.

Teresa B.
Submitted 12/11/19
I’ve seen Michele for years; she is very knowledgeable, professional, and diligent. Would highly recommend her!

Penny H.
Submitted 12/11/19
Great service

Theresa Teri P.
Submitted 12/10/19
I’ve been seeing Michele Ayans for years for my skin care issues and I’m very comfortable with her. She is very relatable and easy going and I love talking to her about life and my twin boy/girl grandbabies as she conducts my checkup. My manly husband joins me for his checkups as well. Recently he had an injection at the base of his nose and didn’t even flinch. The Ayans touch.

Reg W.
Submitted 12/10/19

Gayle W.
Submitted 12/10/19
We’re very pleased to have become patients of this great practice.

Jennifer M.
Submitted 12/05/19
My appointment was with Michelle. She is wonderful at recognizing trouble spots and zapping them! I always feel well cared for when I visit her or Dr Karlsberg.

Charles B.
Submitted 12/04/19
Excellent care for my skin problems. thanks to all

Troy M.
Submitted 12/03/19
Thought it was a good experience !

Therese C.
Submitted 12/02/19
Dr. Karlsberg made me feel so comfortable during my procedure. He communicated the entire time explaining what he was going to do next. I felt so at ease. I highly recommend him and his staff! Thanks Dr. Karlsberg!!

Michelle C.
Submitted 12/01/19
Everyone is skilled and professional

Brenda B.
Submitted 12/01/19
All the staff are friendly and professional. Dr. Karlsberg is a wonderful person! He is so thorough, professional and a great dermatologist!

Adrienne V.
Submitted 12/01/19
Great offices, great staff and a doctor who cares about his patient’s needs.

Shelley K.
Submitted 11/30/19
Great care…Michele is so sharp …She finds potential trouble spots very early..I trust her. She is just the best.

Shirley P.
Submitted 11/28/19
Dr. Karlsberg is a compassionate and knowledgeable doctor who took the time to explain fully to my elderly mother what procedure she needed and how it would be done. She was very comfortable and confident in his abilities and was pleased with the result.

Wayne M.
Submitted 11/28/19
Very good experience, very thorough and Professional.

Destiny C.
Submitted 11/28/19
Michelle is amazing at her craft and everyone is very nice, making me feel welcomed and comfortable.

Bill W.
Submitted 11/28/19
Dr. Karlsberg and his entire staff are always friendly and professional. He listens, then discusses treatment options clearly and frankly. Great service!

Thomas H.
Submitted 11/28/19
I have been going to Dr. Karlsberg for well over 10 years and as always I get his full attention, a thorough examination, and appropriate treatment. He’s careful, caring, and efficient. He always explains what the problem is and how the treatment options available to me will work. His physicians assistant, Michelle, is awesome, well-trained, and very diligent. The staff is always friendly and conscientious in regards to scheduling appointments. I will never go anywhere else for my dermatological concerns.

Carmen D.
Submitted 11/28/19
Efficient, accurate, professional.Hes the best!

Camille W.
Submitted 11/28/19
I have always had a good experience with Dr. Karlsberg.

Sylvia S.
Submitted 11/28/19
Dr.Karlsberg and all of his staff are wonderful. very polite. Always feel confident in the care i receive by Dr.Karlsberg and Michelle as they make sure that you have an understanding of your condition and answer any questions you may have.

Bill L.
Submitted 11/28/19
If you desire a good-natured,extremely skilled doctor with a very sensitive and caring attitude then Dr. Karlsberg should be your first choice! From a very satisfied thirty year patient.

Martin B.
Submitted 11/27/19
Always a very professional experience…..I have been treated wonderfully by Dr. Karlsberg for over 25 years. Never any problems.

Lucille W.
Submitted 11/27/19
Dr Karlsburg is just great, always makes me feel comfortable.

Steve D.
Submitted 11/27/19
Benign cyst removed

Kathryn O.
Submitted 11/27/19

Laurie B.
Submitted 11/27/19
I am always well taken care of!

Patricia S.
Submitted 11/27/19
Always good I am an old patient been with you many years.

Marilyn H.
Submitted 11/27/19
Dr. Karlsberg is a very caring doctor. He does not rush my visits. He makes me feel comfortable. He explains what my problem is before he works on me to get rid of any skin problems I have including skin cancer. Great Doctor.

Brian E.
Submitted 11/27/19
Michelle has been taking excellent care of me. She is always nice, smiling, and fair.

Debra W.
Submitted 11/26/19
Highly recommended! Michelle is the best. The entire office is friendly and helpful.

Terry L.
Submitted 11/26/19
Always have a great experience. Everyone is friendly, professional and efficient

Paul C.
Submitted 11/26/19
Everything worked out wonderfully as usual.

James L.
Submitted 11/26/19
Was in & out a lot quicker than I thought. Everything went great.

Tracy J.
Submitted 11/26/19
I’m very much enjoying my transformation…lipo under the chinny chin chin, thermitight, botox on those angry looking 11’s, and fill for those marionette lines and…fish hooks…I’m getting younger! Great staff, beautiful office, and all the anti aging stuff so “everyone will notice, but no one will know.” No need to go anywhere else but Dr. Karlsberg’s office!

Patricia K.
Submitted 11/26/19
Dr. K and staff always friendly. Never feel rushed and he takes time to answer all my questions.

Merle D.
Submitted 11/26/19
Once again, Dr. Karlsberg quickly & correctly diagnosed my problem. The recommended treatment worked quickly & completely! Whatever your skin issue, Dr. K has the training, skills, experience & awesome staff to help. Yes, he is absolutely worth waiting for!!!

Norrene D.
Submitted 11/26/19
Always lovely and thorough.

Debi P.
Submitted 11/26/19
The front office is always so friendly and helpful. And Dr. Michelle always takes such good care.

Mary J.
Submitted 11/26/19
The laser surgery I had done over a year ago didn’t quite turn out as expected so Dr. Karlsberg offered to do a chemical peel instead. So far, I am extremely happy with the results!

M.Catherine C.
Submitted 11/26/19
Dr.Karlsberg is very knowledge and an excellent physician. He also makes you comfortable and less fearful. I highly recommend him.

Kathy D.
Submitted 11/26/19
I was seen within 10 minutes of arrival. Everyone was gracious and caring. Upon seeing something that was not an “age spot,” it was immediately taken care of. Aftercare instructions were clear.

Karen B.
Submitted 11/26/19
I love seeing Michele. She’s very caring and great with the Botox! Always see her when I need a touch up

Sharon W.
Submitted 11/26/19
Michele was great with Botex and suggestions for other treatments. Doctor Karlsberg was very informative about a procedure and was able to discuss it with me in a very timely manner. Always have a good experience there!

Scott L.
Submitted 11/26/19
Excellent at what he dose, thorough and caring!